The Sand Nativity lights up Christmas

Since 2002, thanks to a fortuitous intuition by its municipal administration, the town of Jesolo has been celebrating the magic of Christmas through a work of great charm and appeal that delights thousands of visitors from around the world: the Sand Nativity.

Its creation each year involves some of the best international sand sculptors, masters in bringing the authentic Christmas spirit to life, through an art form that rekindles childhood memories in the spectators.

Each year, it has a theme of relevance to contemporary society and, since 2004, it has also embraced solidarity initiatives: to date, 24 locations in 4 continents have benefited from projects implemented thanks to the contribution of the Sand Nativity visitors.

In the wake of its success, and thanks to the collaboration of the Patriarchate of Venice, in 2018 Sand Nativity took flight towards an extraordinary goal: he creation of a spectacular Sand Nativity in the heart of Christendom, the magnificent St. Peter’s Square in Rome. A Nativity sans sculpture that has enchanted millions of visitors from all over the world in an atmosphere full of emotion and meaning.

This year a new extraordinary edition of the Sand Nativity was unveiled, which saw the Nativity sculptures exhibited at Matera , European Capital of Culture 2019.

The Comet Star continues its journey!