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Sand Nativity in Matera

A few more days and it will be the long awaited moment of the "unveiling" of the Jesolo Sand Nativity in Matera , European Capital of Culture 2019 .
A project started months ago, which saw the administration of Jesolo fall in love with the Sassi and guess the potential to land the famous Sand Nativity scene in a place that, in popular culture, draws close to the places in the life of Jesus.
On December 7th the work will finally be open to the public , in the even wider context of the third National Nativity Scenes Exhibition , which takes place in the historic center, in the former San Rocco hospital.

This year the work will actually be divided into 4 separate sculptures, for which 90 cubic meters of Jesolo sand of dolomitic origin have been used.
The sculptures, which are currently being completed, represent the real Nativity , the Magi , the Annunciation , a group of shepherds and bagpipers.
As in the past years Jesolo has relied on the best of the sand sculpture world with:

  • Aleksei SHCHITOV (Nativity)
  • Baldrick Richard BUCKLE (Annunciation)
  • Daniel BELCHER (shepherds and bagpipers)

The three sculptors, who have committed themselves since November 10 to deliver the high reliefs in time, come respectively from Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States of America; as always the Sand Nativity confirms itself as a popular artistic enterprise whose meaning goes beyond the work itself, but whose very realization, a cooperative enterprise between men and women from all over the world (and sometimes even from nations between them in relationships that are not excellent), is the bearer of a message of harmony between peoples inherent in the true Spirit of Christmas.

Information on how to visit the Sand Nativity in Matera is on the web page: presepematera.

The exhibition will be open until the day of the Epiphany , going through the Christmas time with its unique art, made of a poor material and, perhaps for this reason, so exciting, in perfect harmony with the exceptional city that hosts it.

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