Natale Jesolo 2021

The great return of Christmas in Jesolo

Countdown to the great return of Christmas in Jesolo. After last year's stop, the city comes to life again during the holiday season with many and different initiatives. An articulated program, designed to satisfy young and old and every palate, with consolidated proposals and new ideas designed to make the holidays a rich and peaceful moment to spend in company. The various initiatives will animate Jesolo from 27 November to 9 January 2022, with Jesolo Sand Nativity scheduled until 6 February.

The main novelty of this year is the transfer of Jesolo Sand Nativity from Piazza Marconi to Piazza Trieste. The new Sand Nativity will occupy a total area of ​​750 square meters, where 15 professional sculptors from all over the world will shape "The Sand of Miracles" starting from 1,000 tons of sand. Another important novelty will be represented by the large angel in Vaia wood which will welcome visitors at the entrance. The work, created in his studio by the sculptor Marco Martalar, an artist from Asiago (Vicenza), winner of numerous international prizes and awards, will be 4 meters high and weigh about 150 kilograms. Every centimeter is made of wood material from the woods destroyed by the Vaia storm in October 2018. Piazza Marconi will however maintain its bond with sand sculptures thanks to the large sculpture dedicated to Christmas shaped by 3 Russian artists.

But there won't be just wood and sand. In Piazza I Maggio, in the historic center, a group of Italian sculptors, specialized in transforming ice into a work of art, will create a nativity scene of 15/20 life-size statues. The Nativity, the Magi, the shepherds and all the other characters will find space in a refrigerated case of 65 square meters, with a linear front of 14 meters, kept at an internal temperature of 12 degrees. The team constitutes the Italian Artistic Ice Academy and is led by Francesco Falasconi, a master carver who has numerous awards to his credit, and who has formed a team of artists who have "performed" in various places in Italy. Among the artists Francesco Carrer and Matteo Renato.

Then return the traditional appointments with Jesolo Christmas Village and its houses with objects and food and wine products and the cocoa delicacies of the "Country of Chocolate", this year set up in Piazzetta Casa Bianca. Piazza Carducci will welcome a gift box and a giant Christmas tree, while the sky of Piazza Drago will be illuminated by a 4-meter long illuminated shooting star next to another decorated tree. To bring the city into the atmosphere of Christmas will be the lighting of the Sea of Lights scheduled Saturday 20 November.

"Last year we had to give up a great Christmas for Jesolo, but the organizational machine has never stopped and now we are ready to offer our citizens and all the guests who come to visit us, a wonderful show - declared the mayor of Jesolo, Valerio Zoggia -. We thought of several events, dressing up the city in every corner, with the desire to give everyone a truly magical Christmas".

"After the impossibility of celebrating Christmas in Jesolo as we used to, the Jesolo Christmas Village proposals for the fifth year and the Chocolate Country are back this year, which I am sure will once again be a great success, confirming as two of the most awaited moments - explained the councilor for Commerce and Productive Activities of the city of Jesolo, Alessandro Perazzolo -. We strongly believed in this project, and together with Xmas Eventi we have never stopped to offer all its visitors an event, if possible, more beautiful than ever because we need it. Over the years the project has grown, involving the whole city, and this year we are proposing some great innovations such as the Ice Nativity in Piazza I Maggio and the new sand sculpture in Piazza Marconi, all connected by the service of little trains between the historic center and the lido. We are sure that those who visit Jesolo at Christmas will be thrilled. A special thanks goes to the commercial activities and to the Committees, which, continuing to open, support the extension of the season".

"Jesolo Sand Nativity has conquered over the years an ever growing audience, a popularity and an affection that has prompted us to think bigger - commented the councilor of the City of Jesolo, Flavia Pastò -. Hence the idea of transferring the Sand Nativity exhibition this year to Piazza Trieste, where the artists who, almost as if by magic, shape the sand, will have a double surface available to give shape to the miracles of Jesus".