"La predica agli uccelli" - Hanneke Supply - Jesolo Sand Nativity

Last days to admire the Jesolo Sand Nativity

The exhibition can be visited until Sunday 4 February, the milestone of 130,000 visitors is approaching. Sunday 28 January last day of the artistic nativity scenes at the JMuseo, in spring the great "against the current" exhibition with Banksy, TvBoy and Brainwash.

The last week of the Jesolo Sand Nativity exhibition opens on Monday 29 January and can be visited until Sunday 4 February. This year the famous exhibition of sand sculptures is entitled "In the footsteps of Saint Francis" and, through a series of works of monumental dimensions, retraces the life of the "poor man of Assisi". Since the inauguration day, which took place on Saturday 2 December 2023 in the presence of Fra Marco Moroni, father custodian of the Sacred Convent of Assisi, the Jesolo Sand Nativity has welcomed thousands of visitors and is preparing to cross the finish line of 130,000 admissions strong>. The data confirms the success of the event, which closed the previous edition with 140,675 visitors.

To celebrate the theme chosen this year, which accompanies the commemorations for the eight hundredth anniversary of the Christmas of Greccio, the first nativity scene in history created by Saint Francis, will be the concert of the Veneto Classical Orchestra scheduled for Saturday 3 February at 9.00 pm at the Church of San Giovanni Battista. Maestro Dino Doni will conduct the orchestra with the accompaniment of the “Academia Ars Canendi” choir, directed by Manuela Meneghello, with the soprano Sara Fanin and the voices of Alice Rosolino and Daniele Cortello while Sabrina Comin on the piano and harpsichord.

The exhibition of handcrafted nativity scenes curated by Agostino Busanel, a passionate nativity scene maker, and hosted at the JMuseo will end next Sunday, January 28th. A great success with the public for an exhibition that completes the cultural proposal which also includes the Civic Museum of Natural History as well as the exhibitions "Jesolo yesterday - Jesolo tomorrow", "The land of the giants" and "The ice age". In the next few weeks, the planning activity of the large exhibition dedicated to "against-the-current" artists such as Banksy, TvBoy, Brainwash, David LaChapelle, Jago, Liu Bolin and many others for a total of over 90 works.

La tensostruttura che ospita Jesolo Sand Nativity con la scultura lignea "Il Grido"
The tensile structure that hosts the Jesolo Sand Nativity with the wooden sculpture "The Scream"