Jesolo Sand Nativity, si chiude l'edizione dei record.

The edition of records closes

The exhibition dedicated to the "Sculptures of peace" was visited by 140,000 people and raised around 100,000 euros for charity.

The curtain falls on the record edition of Jesolo Sand Nativity. Jesolo's famous sand nativity scene closed its doors to the public yesterday after 2 months of intense activity which made the exhibition on "Sculptures of peace", the theme chosen for this year, the most visited in the history of Jesolo Sand Nativity and the one capable of raising the greatest funds to be donated to charity.

Between 8 December 2022, the day of the inauguration, and Sunday 5 February 2023, the Jesolo Sand Nativity was visited by 140,675 people. The most visited past edition was that of 2017 with 131,000 admissions. Through the free donations of the public and the sale of merchandise, the event managed to put together about 100,000 euros which will be entirely donated to charity support for a project in Ukraine, one in Colombia, three in Guinea Bissau and Sierra Leone, the Central African Republic and Kenya as well as the activity of the Veneto Oncological Institute (IOV) and 4 local associations.

“The Jesolo Sand Nativity was a great journey that began with the bet of the new location, which proved to be perfect considering the aspects related to logistics, safety, access for the disabled and parking, therefore it will remain the venue for the event – declared the mayor of the City of Jesolo, Christofer De Zotti -. The theme chosen this year for the exhibition was very topical and very profound, moreover we had the possibility of welcoming a representation of that Ukraine which is suffering today and the presence of the bishop of Kiev was a driving force for the media. All this has made the 'Sculptures of Peace' the most visited edition of the Jesolo Sand Nativity so far and, more importantly, the one capable of raising the largest funds for charity. Now let's think about the next one, aware that the Christmas festival as a whole has never gone so well and, finally, Jesolo can stop dreaming of leaving the season-off-season combination and think of an annual program".

“The numbers of the event were surprising and the choice of Piazza Brescia as venue was spot on, but this year's success is above all the fruit of the commitment of many including the many volunteers to whom I address a big thank you by the entire administration – added the tourism councilor, Alberto Maschio -. Jesolo Sand Nativity is a manifestation of the entire city and for this very reason I'm sure it will still be very successful”.

Il sindaco di Jesolo Christofer De Zotti e l'assessore al turismo Alberto Maschio
The mayor of the city of Jesolo Christofer De Zotti and the councilor for tourism Alberto Maschio.