L'ultima cena.

"Sculptures of Peace" is the most visited exhibition ever

The record of 131,000 visitors recorded in 2017 was exceeded, over 4,000 admissions yesterday alone. Saturday 4 February the great closing concert, Sunday 5 last day of opening.

Jesolo Sand Nativity has a new visitor record. The edition dedicated to the "Sculptures of Peace" yesterday exceeded the threshold of 131,000 visitors which had made the 2017 sand nativity scene the most visited ever. On Sunday 29 January alone, the people counters located at the entrance to the tensile structure in Piazza Brescia recorded 4,376 accesses. With this figure, the total number of visitors who have so far admired Jesolo's sand sculptures rises to 134,089. But the number is set to rise further.

Jesolo Sand Nativity can in fact be visited until Sunday 5 February. That day, at 19.30, the curtain will fall on a record-breaking edition that has already recorded an unprecedented fundraising. A few hours earlier, a concert by the Veneto Classical Orchestra will greet the 10 creations that make up the "Sculptures of Peace". The show will take place Saturday 4 February, at 9.00 pm, in the church of San Giovanni Battista. The orchestra will be directed by maestro Dino Doni, with the vocal accompaniment of the "Academia Ars Canendi" choir, directed by Manuela Meneghello. At the harpsichord and piano there will be Sabrina Comin. Alongside the sacred repertoire, famous songs arranged by the maestro and sung by Alice Risolino, Enrico Nadai and soprano Sara Fanin will alternate.

“We are very satisfied with this record, which repays the administration, the offices involved in organizing the event and all those who worked on it for their great commitment – declared the mayor of the City of Jesolo, Christofer De Zotti, and the councillor for tourism, Alberto Maschio -. Someone feared that the new junta would bring Jesolo to ruin, they accused us of inexperience and said that our city would remain isolated from the rest of the world. We knew they were wrong but we preferred to work in silence and let concrete data answer, such as this recorded by the Jesolo Sand Nativity and more generally the great vitality that Jesolo experienced during the holiday season. Now it is important to create new and better conditions to favor the growth of the city, first of all as a community, and therefore starting from the services offered to the residents. A more livable and more beautiful city is also a more attractive city for tourists”.

La scultura "La Luce della Pace" realizzata dall'artista Michela Ciappini.
The sculpture "The Light of Peace" created by the artist Michela Ciappini. One of the monumental sculptures of the Sand Nativity.
Il sindaco di Jesolo Christofer De Zotti e l'assessore al turismo Alberto Maschio
The mayor of the city of Jesolo Christofer De Zotti and the councilor for tourism Alberto Maschio.