Sand Nativity il ricavato delle visite guidate in beneficenza

Sand Nativity, the proceeds from guided visits to charity

The money raised through guided tours of the sand nativity scene will add to voluntary donations from visitors to fund projects around the world. An initiative born on the proposal of the IAT staff who will provide the service to visitors..

Jesolo Sand Nativity becomes even more supportive. The staff of the IAT, the Tourist Information and Reception Office, has decided to launch a new charity initiative in agreement with the municipal administration. This year, in fact, IAT employees will take care of offering the service of guided tours to the now traditional sand nativity scene to all visitors, school groups, and organized groups who request them. Accompanying guests inside Jesolo Sand Nativity for a visit that will last about an hour, the guides will tell the story of the project of the sand nativity scene and will illustrate the details of the current edition, describing each work, the miracle of Jesus to which makes reference, and providing information on the artist who made it. A service that is always highly appreciated by visitors of the Jesolo Sand Nativity, made available at a cost of 30 euros.

The IAT staff gave their availability to carry out this activity completely free, in order to be able to donate part of the proceeds collected to charity. The same employees, in particular, have proposed to support with this fund the projects that the administration will decide to finance through voluntary donations from visitors. It should be remembered that Jesolo Sand Nativity has registered over 1 million visitors since 2002, thanks to which it has been possible to collect more than 700 thousand euros, who have contributed to the realization of humanitarian projects worldwide.

"I can only thank the employees of the IAT who on this occasion demonstrate, in addition to the usual professionalism that distinguishes them and that makes the service offered by our Tourist Information and Reception Office excellent, also a big heart - declared the mayor of the City of Jesolo, Valerio Zoggia -. By teaming up and working together as we are doing, we are able to offer our guests high level events but also concrete help to thousands of people all over the world".