Jesolo Sand Nativity raccolti oltre 70 mila euro in beneficenza

Jesolo Sand Nativity, collected so far over 70 thousand euros

It is the highest sum ever raised by the event. Meanwhile, the threshold of 120,000 visitors is approaching.

First record for the “Sculptures of Peace”. The survey data on the sum collected by the Jesolo Sand Nativity through free donations from visitors and the sale of books and merchandise has exceeded 70,000 euros. On Friday 13 January, the date of the most recent check, the famous sand nativity scene had put together 73,016.54 euros, of which 34,019.49 euros deriving from free donations. This is the highest amount ever collected by the event, which last year had already allowed for a large sum to be put together: 62,472.72 euros. The 2019/2020 edition instead made it possible to raise 46,183.72 euros.

The money raised with donations and sales will be entirely devoted to charity, through support for specific projects or the activity of local bodies and associations (for details on the projects financed this year, see the attached text Meanwhile, the number of visitors recorded by the people counter located at the entrance to the exhibition continues to rise. On Monday 16 January there were 117,865 people who visited the Jesolo Sand Nativity, with a peak of 7,485 admissions registered on Saturday 7 January. Last week, between Sunday 8 January and Sunday 15 January, there were 16,216 visitors. The last edition, during which important restrictions were in force that affected travel from outside the Municipality, closed with 85,593 visitors. The previous year, however, the people count had stopped at 107,810 accesses.

“The important numbers that the Jesolo Sand Nativity is recording in terms of admissions rewards the commitment of all those who, also this year and in various capacities, have worked for the success of a very important event for our city – declared the mayor of the City of Jesolo, Christofer De Zotti and the councillor of Tourism, Alberto Maschio -. The numbers that fill our hearts the most, however, are those linked to free offers and sales because they will allow us to support charitable projects and the activity of many associations which, often thanks to the availability of volunteers, bring concrete aid to those who face moments of profound difficulty".

Jesolo Sand Nativity 2022 record della raccolta fondi per beneficenza
Il sindaco di Jesolo Christofer De Zotti e l'assessore al turismo Alberto Maschio
The mayor of the city of Jesolo Christofer De Zotti and the councilor for tourism Alberto Maschio.