Il Leone alato di Vaia dell'artista Marco Martalar rimane a Jesolo in piazzetta Casa Bianca.

The winged Lion of Vaia remains in Jesolo

Marco Martalar's wooden work will remain on display in the green area in Piazzetta Casa Bianca. In the pipeline a sculpture that will be born from the beached wood of Jesolo.

The winged Lion of Vaia remains in Jesolo. The sculpture created by the artist from Vicenza Marco Martalar was placed in recent days in one of the green hills that characterize piazzetta Casa Bianca, where it will remain on permanent display. The winged Lion of Vaia, three meters high and weighing around 500 kilograms, is a work created using 1,500 pieces of wood from the trees that storm Vaia felled at the end of 2018 along the Vicenza plateau of the Venetian Alpine arc. While hitting Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige in particular, the storm involved the entire country, causing 37 deaths and damages of almost 5 billion euros.

The winged Lion of Vaia took shape in the Martalar laboratory in Roana, and was then transferred to Jesolo where it was exhibited outside the large tensile structure located behind Piazza Brescia which hosted the Jesolo Sand Nativity between the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023. Here it has been admired and photographed by tens of thousands of visitors, who will now be able to find it again along the main avenue of Lido di Jesolo. In 2020, however, Martalar created the wonderful Angel of Vaia for the Jesolo Sand Nativity.

Now the collaboration between the Municipality of Jesolo and the artist from Vicenza continues. In the Roana laboratory, a new work will take shape in the coming months, which this time will not arise from the remains of the passage of the storm over the woods but from beached wood on the Jesolo beach and will represent his soul.

Il Leone alato di Vaia dell'artista Marco Martalar rimane a Jesolo in piazzetta Casa Bianca.
After being admired during the Sand Nativity, the winged Lion of Vaia by the artist Marco Martalar remains in Jesolo in Piazzetta Casa Bianca.