concerto sand nativity

Sand Nativity Concert 2022

To celebrate in music "The sand of miracles", the theme of the current edition of the Sand Nativity, the Veneto Classical Orchestra presents the Concert Sand Nativity 2022 on Sunday 6 February at 9.00 pm at the Church of San Giovanni Battista in Jesolo Paese.

Maestro Dino Doni conducts the Classical Orchestra of Veneto with the vocal accompaniment of the "Academia Ars Canendi" Choir directed by Manuela Meneghello, the soprano Roberta Canzian and the voices of Alice Risolino and Enrico Nadai. On the piano and harpsichord Sabrina Comin.

Presents the event: Elisa Nadai.

Concert starts at 9.00 pm

Free admission, until seats are available.

The event will be held in compliance with the rules for the containment of Covid-19. Access is allowed upon presentation of the SUPER GREEN PASS and it is mandatory to wear the FFP2 mask.

LOCANDINA concerto sand nativity 2022