jesolo sand nativity arrivederci al 2021

Merry Christmas and... see you next year!

On behalf of all the people involved in the Jesolo Sand Nativity project, we wish to send you the best wishes for a Merry Christmas and, especially this year, for a new year that may represent a return to normality in the sign of a collective rebirth.

We wish to leave you the message with which, on November 5th, the Mayor of Jesolo , Valerio Zoggia , had to acknowledge, with deep regret, the impossibility of being able to organize the Sand Nativity for this Christmas and, at the same time, has renewed the commitment of the municipal administration and all the staff for the next edition.

"Jesolo Sand Nativity for us and for the city is much more than an event. It is the Jesolo brand of hospitality. It is a symbol of our ingenuity and ability to do great and important things and to transmit, through culture, a message of peace and hope.
Never like this year, the decision to create the Sand Nativity scene was meant to be a way to convey that hope and peace to the city and to our visitors; to remind all of us that there is no difficult time that can question our abilities and our will to relaunch.
This is why we have thought of a renewed, larger Sand Nativity, capable of making our image shine even more and, above all, of being a sign of reinvigorated vitality. We had the honor of receiving valuable advice from the Patriarch of Venice Francesco Moraglia on the meaning that the Sand Nativity 2020 could have. We believed until the last that the Sand could be opened.
Everything had been prepared down to the smallest detail in order to welcome visitors with serenity and safety. The Health authorities and the Prefecture had recognized the seriousness of the work of our collaborators and we had a green light.
We supported the project to the last, keeping the engine running and ready to be brought to full capacity, and thus making the Sand Nativity scene the first real element of relaunching the city, in the interest of the city.
However, the deterioration of health conditions at the national level and the measures adopted to stop the infection make it impossible for the Jesolo Sand Nativity to be held. We are sorry. For us, the Sand Nativity scene represents a strategic investment that cannot and must not be disheartened by simplistic considerations that diminish its meaning, importance and strength.
Having worked with determination on this project, looking for the best way to carry it out with all the necessary precautions, is a demonstration of our commitment to our tourist vocation, a strategic sector from which the whole Jesolo community benefits. We are sorry but not won.
We are already looking forward to 2021 which will be a challenging year for which we must field all our ability, our strength and our ingenuity. The Jesolo Sand Nativity will be one of the most beautiful expressions of this.
I would like to thank the Patriarch of Venice and the Prefect and the Health authority for supporting us.
Thanks also to our collaborators for the precious work they have done".